About Orbis
Orbis is an International Brand with sixty-plus years in the Industry, specialising in Timers / Motion Presence Detectors / Climate Control & Home Automation / Outdoor Lighting Management / Energy Measurement & Management / Electric Vehicle Charger. 

They have manufactured more than 25 million products, supplying to over sixty countries worldwide. With production centres in four European countries and offices in Germany, Italy and Spain, Orbis has a truly global reach and reputation.

Experience and Quality
Orbis has years of experience in engineering, designing, creating and manufacturing products with an overarching view towards quality and robust design.  Orbis conducts laboratory checks and testing to ensure every single component they produce meets their rigorously high standards.

Energy Efficiency
Orbis has a strong commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, and this commitment touches on every product they produce and we supply. Orbis offers products and services for the modern industrial world, from time switches to electric vehicle chargers.

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